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4 College Street
Gloucester, England, GL1 2NE
United Kingdom

01452 245733

The Candle Tree offers a wide variety of candles, artisan soaps, jar lights, greeting cards. Situated in College St, Gloucester.

Revitalising Summer Soaps!


Revitalising Summer Soaps!

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At The Candle Tree we have a divine collection of refreshing and revitalising French soaps. Our handmade French soaps are infused with many natural ingredients, including seaweed, herbs, essential oils and rich shea butter. Reignite memories of your Summer holidays and days by the sea with the lovely, fresh invigorating aromas of our French soaps. We still have the rest of Summer to enjoy and by adding these to your daily skin routine you will see the amazing benefits for yourself! Each French soap has a special skin benefit uniquely chosen to suit everyone. These soaps come in an array of enticing fragrances and those listed below can elevate mood and refresh your senses. One of the many reasons to turn to our handmade French soaps is that they rinse off without leaving any residue behind. This leaves you skin feeling fresh and clean, and makes it easier for your skin to absorb after-shower body lotions. All of our soaps are enriched with ultra-hydrating Shea Butter, so make the most of the Summer and indulge in some after-sun care care and with these fabulous hydrating and revitalising soaps!


All of these handmade French soaps are made from 100% natural ingredients. Many of the essential oils and ingredients used have a distinctly floral aroma. However, this Marine soap has a more refreshing and clean smelling fragrance for everyone to enjoy! This French soap features a light and fresh aqua scent that is reminiscent of a sea breeze. It is a refreshing aroma that is an excellent way to start your day or remind you of your last beach holiday.


Seaweed soap brings nourishment, exfoliation and a natural source of nutrients to your skin care routine. In this case, nature really does provide everything truly beneficial for your skin. Seaweed is a natural and gentle exfoliator. This helps naturally and gently remove the dead layers of skin, as well as assisting in removing dirt and oil that can clog our pores. Its inherent exfoliation action rejuvenates and cleanses without using harsh chemicals. A seaweed soap for the truest sea lover!


Vetiver is in the same family as other grasses used for their essential oils, including lemongrass and citronella. It has a complex earthy, woody scent which has been valued for its aroma since ancient times. The vetiver scent can soothe and calm anxiousness, stimulate a tired brain to feel more alert and refresh the senses. This Vetiver French soap is a gorgeous reviving green-blue colour, a pretty and beneficial skin soap for your bathroom.


If you are looking for a skin soothing and family friendly daily soap, look no further than our French soaps!

At The Candle Tree in Gloucester, we have a fabulous assortment of natural French soaps. We also stock lots of outdoor and indoor candles, including creative lighting ideas! At The Candle Tree, you can also find a range of home fragrances & accessories and luxury bath & body products. Check out our online shop or pop in our store if in the area.