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The Candle Tree offers a wide variety of candles, artisan soaps, jar lights, greeting cards. Situated in College St, Gloucester.

Red Cedar Moth Protection


Red Cedar Moth Protection

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Moths are well know pest when it comes to your wardrobe, jumpers and fabrics can be left in a poor state of repair. If you see moths flying in your house, they probably aren't clothes moths, but the type that infests flour and grains. Clothes moths shun light and are so discreet that you'll probably never see them. Actually the adult flying moths won't do any harm, damage to woolens is actually done by the larvae of clothes moths and carpet beetles.

It is always the better option to chose natural non-toxic options in your home that is safe for you and the environment whilst effectively solving your problem. There are various natural and pleasant scented options to repell moths whilst also adding some wonderful aromatic aromas to your home:

• Place scented lavender bags in your wardrobe and drawers, as it's highly repellent to moths and other pesky insects.

• Mint leaves are another effective moth repellent. Place a handful of dried peppermint in a sachet, or place fresh loose leaves among your clothes. Peppermint oil is very effective too, just apply a few drops to a cotton ball, and place in your drawers and wardrobe. Mint oil is also a good repellant for flies and spiders!

• Fill a sachet bag with a combination of cloves, thyme and rosemary to keep moths at bay for months. Moths dislike the smell of these herbs so make sure you replace the contents of your sachets every six months, or whenever they begin to lose their fragrance. 

• One of the most highly effective and natural ways of deterring moths is by using the scent of cedar wood oil in your home. The dark-coloured heartwood of red cedar contains natural oils that kill clothes-moth larvae, making cedar wood products a natural non-toxic product for you and your home. At The Candle Tree in Gloucester we sell a range of easy to use cedar wood products naturally scented with cedar oil. These are perfect to add to your clothing areas and you can easily replenish the scent to keep by sanding the wood lightly or dabbing on additional cedar oil.

Red Cedar Clothes Hanger Discs by Redecker. 
Natural moth protection without harsh chemical smells. The red cedar clothes hanger discs have a fragrant aroma that repels moths. Keep your clothes moth-free with environmentally friendly, untreated cedar wood:
• Place 2 - 5 cedar pieces per wardrobe/unit/drawer. 
• Place the cedar items on a piece of paper to protect the clothing from the oils in the cedar.
• When the scent begins to fade, rough the wood slightly with sandpaper.


Moth Protection Oil. 100% Red Cedar Oil by Redecker.
Natural moth protection in a bottle. American red cedar has a pleasant fragrant aroma which repels moths. You can keep your clothes naturally moth-free with this cedar wood oil. Use this oil alongside other red cedar products or place a few drops on a cloth in your wardrobe.


Red Cedar Hooks by Redecker
American red cedar has a fragrant aroma that is pleasing to people but repels moths.
Place 2 – 5 cedar pieces per wardrobe unit, in such a way that they are not covered by clothes to protect them form the oils in the wood. When the scent begins to fade, rough the wood slightly with sandpaper. This type of moth protection is absolutely environmentally friendly, since American red cedar is not an endangered plant cultivated under governmental regulations.


Whilst cedar wood products are extremely effective at preventing a moth infestation, or ridding your home of an existing infestation, it is also important how and where you store your clothing. Here are some tips to make sure you're storing your clothes properly for a moth free closet.

Moth 02.jpg

• Wash all clothing, and dry well before packing it away at the end of the season. This will help to kill any larvae that may be present in the clothing. Cotton garments can also be ironed as a further deterrent.

• Store clothing in sealed containers such as chests, plastic storage containers, suitcases, where moths can't get to them. Zip wool garments into garment bags. Be sure to move wool socks them out of your sock drawer during the warmer months.

• Moths prefer moist environments, so store your clothes in a dry area of your home. Storing clothes in the attic or under your bed is definitely preferable to storing clothes in the basement or garage.

• Moths gravitate towards dirt, so vacuum your carpets and skirting boards regularly to prevent an infestation or eliminate an existing infestation.

• If you're dealing with a current infestation, change your vacuum bag regularly to ensure you're getting the larvae out of your home.

• If you find moths on clothing, place the affected garment in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any active larvae.

At The Candle Tree we have large range of candles, hand crafted french soaps, home fragrances, bath & body products, jewellery, creative lighting and accessories. Pop along to our treasure trove of gifts based in the heart of Gloucester, or take a look online at The Candle Tree.