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Unit 5, Harts Barn, Monmouth Road, Longhope
England, GL17
United Kingdom

01433 456 678

The Candle Tree offers a wide variety of candles, artisan soaps, jar lights, handmade brooches, greeting cards. Situated in Longhope in the heart of the Forest of Dean

Thyme & Mint Scented Tin Candle

Tin Candles

We stock a range of scented tin candles from Root Candles, St Eval and Lily flame. Scented candles typically fill your home with an aura of tranquil aromas that gently relax, stimulate or enhance your mind depending on the scent, the time of the day and how you feel.

Thyme & Mint Scented Tin Candle

Thyme & Mint Scented Tin Candle
Thyme & Mint Scented Tin Candle
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Thyme & Mint Scented Tin Candle


Need a beautiful candle for a gift? Look no further, try a Thyme & Mint Scented Tin Candle.

Enjoy the crisp, clear scent of crushed fresh garden mint blended with the herbal scent of thyme when you light up one of our hand poured Thyme & Mint scented tin candle.

Burn time:45 hrs

Size:80mm diameter x 80mm height.

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