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4 College Street
Gloucester, England, GL1 2NE
United Kingdom

01452 245733

The Candle Tree offers a wide variety of candles, artisan soaps, jar lights, greeting cards. Situated in College St, Gloucester.

Verbena Collection


Verbena Collection

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Verbena Flower

The botanical name can be either Aloysia citriodora or Lippia citriodora, is native to Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Central America.  A lemon verbena plant can grow over 10 feet high in warm climates where it originates from. This plant was named after Maria Luisa, the Princess of Parma. It was brought into Europe by the returning Spanish sometime in the 17th or 18th century. Lemon Verbena flowers have pretty purple buds during August to October. It blooms during late summer and is used for its strong lemon scent. The essential oil is extracted from this herb that has various healing properties. 

Lemon verbena oil is richly aromatic and has been made use of for centuries and it was a well-known therapeutic oil throughout the Victorian era. Particularly for healing muscle spasms, inflammation, skin infections and also as a sedative. The flowering tops and leaves can be used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Lemon verbena’s fresh citrus scent has made it popular for inclusion in fragrances and scented products. A delightful uplifting scent to use all year round!

Verbena Body Lotion.jpg

Verbena Luxury Body Lotion is a sheer treat! This luxurious Verbena lotion is blended with rich shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, baobab seed oil and rosehip oil to hydrate and ensure you’re left with soft, supple skin. Massage Naturally European Luxury Body Lotion in and let the rich body moisturiser melt away revealing instantly smoother skin.

As well as being deeply moisturising, the rich shea butter forms a protective layer to defend skin from environmental damage. Shea butter helps to firm skin and combat the signs of aging, fighting fine lines and wrinkles.

Verbena Soap.jpg

Our Verbena Soap is French and is made by Savon de Marseille, the ingredients are 100% natural and have not been tested on animals. The soap is enriched with soothing shea butter. 

Lemon Verbena is known for its therapeutic skin properties today. It breaks down cellulite, and hence, offers a healing, toning and relaxing effect to the skin. That is the reason this herb is often used in the preparation of natural soaps. Lemon Verbena soap suits all skin types and makes the skin feel soft and toned. The essential oil of this herb is gentle on the skin and helps maintain the proper balance of the skin’s natural oils. The soap also helps to give the skin an even tone. 

The Lemon Verbena oil present in the soap gets rid of excess sebum and pollutants from the skin without causing excessive dryness. It also aids in repelling the bacteria that cause acne, and blocked pores, thereby leaving you with a blemish-free skin.

Its plant-derived oils help in giving the skin a nourished and clean feeling. It offers smoothness to skin and uplifts it after every wash. The soap contains the goodness of flavonoids that soothe and nourish the skin, thereby giving it a radiant appearance.

Verbena Hand Wash.jpg

Naturally European Verbena Hand Wash adds a touch of luxury to your day. The liquid soap’s classic design and perfected formulation will bring elegance to any sink. Revive your hands, and indulge your senses with this fresh fragranced soothing lather.
Our range of Naturally European liquid hand soaps is bursting with fragrances, each inspired by natural European landscapes. We have a range of fragrances to chose from and each fragrance is made using essential oils.

Naturally European Luxury Hand Wash is free from parabens and SLS making it ideal for skin that’s a little sensitive.

Verbena & Butterfly

Along with this fabulous Verbena range, we also have a large range of home fragrances & accessories, luxury bath & body products and creative lighting ideas. There is lots to see online and in-store! See below for our range including more beautifully scented Verbena products!