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4 College Street
Gloucester, England, GL1 2NE
United Kingdom

01452 245733

The Candle Tree offers a wide variety of candles, artisan soaps, jar lights, greeting cards. Situated in College St, Gloucester.


Root Candles

lynne travis

Root candles are beautiful natural products made in Medina, Ohio, USA. They have a strong heritage having first originated way back in 1869.

The Root range is very varied and they concentrate on using different aromatherapy properties to evoke different emotions. For example they have a candle to suit all kinds of senses; to Energise, Enlighten, Illuminate and Meditate. The Root range is also designed to suit all different tastes in fragrances; from warming Orange Clove, relaxing Geranium and Lavender to a vibrant Basil and Lime. You can guarantee they have one to fit your every mood and comfort or uplift your senses!

Root became involved in candle-making through the founding father Amos Ives Root. His interest in bee keeping was behind many advances in bee keeping, leading the movement into standardising beekeeping equipment. Therefore, evolved the pure natural high quality beeswax which is the base blend for all Root candles. Root is still actively involved in increasing the knowledge and science of bee keeping for environmental advantages.

Root candles are devoted to purity, honesty and their quality is renowned. Each Root candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through five generations of craftsmanship combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. These candles are made entirely with natural waxes, fragrances containing essential oil. Seeking Balance also have a sustainable, crackling wooden wick. They use fine essential oil based fragrances, the purest natural bees wax blend and non-toxic soy wax, vegetable based dyes and also the packaging is earth friendly. 

Here is an interesting Youtube clip on Roots History

Take a good look around our website as we have a wide range of Root products. We sell two categories of Root candles; Seeking Balance in a lovely natural packaging and Veriglass in a chic glass pot.

Seeking Balance

Seeking Balance